Chord Gitar Avenged Sevenfold – Unbound (The Wild Ride) dan Lirik Lagu

Intro : Dm Bb Dm Bb C 2x

Dm                Bb
Somewhere life is good
Dm                    Bb
And things go as they should
             C                  Dm
It’s hard to find, But that’s alright..yeah..
Dm                Bb
Searching for the way
Dm               Bb
Push harder everyday
            C                   Dm
It’s deep inside, That shining light..yeah…

Bb      A
But I‘m scarred
D C Bb D-C-Bb
By barriers placed in my path
Bb   A
I’m scathed

Reff :
Bb   Dm        Bb               Dm
This ride that takes me through life
Bb            F             A           Dm
Leads me into darkness but emerges into light
Bb Dm      Bb           Dm
No one can ever slow me down
Bb   F      Gm
I’ll stay unbound

Dm                  Bb
Sometimes when were young
Dm                Bb
And always on the run
           C                    Dm
It gets so dark and I know that place yeah…
   Dm               Bb
So don’t be too concerned
       Dm            Bb
You’ve got a lot to learn
           Dm                        Dm
Well so do I and wave got, Plenty of time yeah..

Bb                 A
Don’t fall off the track yet
D C Bb D-C-Bb
With so many race to go
Bb   A
Hold on…..

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Inter : Dm Bb Dm Bb C 2x
Dm   E    Gm F
Some live so wrong
     Bb      A     E        Dm
With what we do is each his own
    Dm E      Gm F
But living in fear
Bb      A         E         Dm
Endless shame for countless years
Bb Dm
I never lived in fear I knew I’d die another day
Bb                        A                  A5-G5-F5-E5-D5
I never viewed my life as something slipping away

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Dm              A                Bb
There’s nothing here to take for granted
With each breath that we take
Dm           A                         Bb
The hands of time strip youth from our bodies
And we fade
F    C     Bb
Memories remain
As time goes on

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End with : Dm

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Streaming Lagu Avenged Sevenfold – Unbound (The Wild Ride):

Lagu yang Berjudul Unbound (The Wild Ride) ini merupakan salah satu lagu dari album Avenged Sevenfold Bonus Track Version yang dirilis pada tahun 2007 dan dipopulerkan oleh Avenged Sevenfold. Lagu ini bergenre Rock Barat, telah dilihat sebanyak 92x dan terakhir diperbaharui pada 30 September 2021 oleh Admin.

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