Chord Gitar Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man dan Lirik Lagu

Intro: D7 Dm C..
       D7 Dm C G

Am                 C  
same bed but it feels 
just a little bit bigger now 
our song on the radio 
              C             G
but it don't sound the same 
Am                       C  
when our friends talk about you 
all that it does is just tear me down 
cause my heart breaks a little 
when I hear your name 

and all just sounds like 
Am                  Em  
ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh                       
Bb                           G
hmmm Too young, too dumb to realize 

Reff I:
       G                        F
  that I should've bought you flowers 
  G                C
  and held your hand 
  should've give you all my hours 
  G               C  
  when I had the chance 
  take you to every party 
                G                Am  
  cause all you wanted to do was dance 
  D7             F
  now my baby is dancing 
             Fm                   C
  but she's dancing with another man

Musik: F C G

Am           C  
my pride, my ego 
my needs and my selfish ways 
caused a good strong woman like you 
        C           G
to walk out my life 
      Am     C  
now I never, never get to clean up 
the mess I made
G                                    C 
and it haunts me every time I close my eyes 
==Kembali ke : *), Reff I

although it hurts 
i'll be the first to say that 
      C   G   Am   Em
i was 
oh, I know I'm probably much too late 
to try and apologize for my mistakes 
            G              ..(A)
but I just want you to know 

Reff II :
      G                 F
  i hope he buys you flowers 
  G                     C
  i hope he holds your hand 
  give you all his hours 
  G                  C
  when he has the chance 
                     F               G 
  take you to every party cause I remember 
  how much you loved to dance 
   D7               F                Fm
  do all the things I should've done 
  when I was your man 
   D7              F                Fm
  do all the things I should've done 
  when I was your man

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Lagu yang Berjudul When I Was Your Man ini merupakan lagu yang dipopulerkan oleh Bruno Mars yang bergenre Pop Barat, telah dilihat sebanyak 110x dan terakhir diperbaharui pada 10 November 2021 oleh Admin.

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